Managing Director

Clotilde Lethiec

Clotilde Lethiec was appointed managing director of MICCoM in January 2016.

Born and raised in France, she graduated from the Université Pierre-et–Marie-Curie in Paris with a PhD in Physics in 2014. During her PhD she investigated optical properties of semiconductor quantum dots and developed an experimental polarization-based method to determine the spatial orientation of a single-photon emitter. She also worked on excitation processes of surface plasmon polaritons modes through PEEM-LEEM measurements.

After graduation, she joined the group of George Schatz at Northwestern University as a postdoctoral fellow. She was involved in a wide range of projects using various computational techniques; the projects included the study of acoustic vibrations in metallic nanoparticles, simulations of enhanced Raman scattering and emission of light in plasmonic structures. In 2016 she joined the University of Chicago.



Office: ERC 209
Phone: +1 773-702-3591