Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Researcher

The Midwest Integrated Center for Computational Materials at Argonne National Laboratory is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to perform research related to the development and experimental validation of computational models exploring new spin defects physics in optically active quantum systems.

The candidate will primarily be responsible for developing combined theoretical and experimental strategies for the discovery and characterization of spin defects in optically active quantum systems. The candidate will carry out first principles calculations on defective materials and of structural and optical properties directly comparable with experiments using codes developed within the MICCoM center. The candidate will also carry out optical experiments and materials characterization to validate theoretical and computational results with known and exploratory defects. These measurements will include optical spectroscopy, spin characterization, and basic materials characterization (defect density, strain, etc.) of known and unknown optical defect systems.

Software Scientist (2)

The Midwest integrated center for computational materials is looking for two software scientists to join the development team located at Argonne National Laboratory. Excellent candidates are sought with experience in the development of complex scientific software architectures to support the development and deployment of MICCoM codes and of analysis codes for advanced sampling, molecular dynamics and electronic structure calculations. The software scientists will work with a team of 10+ PhDs/postdocs contributing to the development of codes currently supported by MICCoM.